Praxis & Klinik offers a full range of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery procedures, General and Local Anesthesia as well as Sedation, and also General Dentistry services for overall oral health. Our experienced team of dentists and surgeons provide exceptional care, meeting the needs of our regular patients and those patients referred to us for specialty care.

For referrals, we work with your regular dentist to provide the necessary care, and then typically have a follow-up appointment to complete the treatment process before returning you to your general dentist’s care. Clinics and dentists all around this region send patients to Praxis & Klinik to deliver quality treatment they can trust.

Our anesthesiologist and his team work to provide the safest, most effective anesthesia options for patients and treatment is customized for each unique person. We offer sedation options for those who prefer to undergo treatment in a more relaxed state, and we also offer anesthesia for children, when needed or requested, to optimize the treatment provided.

Dental implants, prosthetics and dentures, cosmetic or aesthetic procedures and related dental treatments, pediatric dentistry, and other medical and dental services are performed at Praxis & Klinik in Böblingen, with a strong emphasis on patient well-being, compassionate care, and treatment options that meet individual needs.