“As safe as a hospital – as personal as a private practice.”

Praxis & Klinik was built upon the idea that a dental and surgery clinic could provide quality hospital-grade treatments in a professional clinic setting while maintaining the level of personalized care experienced in top private practice clinics. The extensive clinic in Böblingen offers both General Dentistry services and Dental Surgery services, with the clinic organized to support different medical and dental needs.

As in hospital settings, Praxis & Klinik has a complete sterilization and hygiene department whose duties involve the care and maintenance of equipment and tools, among other things. We have a personal lab and 3D imaging equipment to support surgery needs, and complete team support for both dental and surgical procedures. Our medical and dental providers bring exceptional skills to all procedures performed in our clinic, backed by years of experience. The team effort, with patient-focused care, provides consistent quality treatment with lasting patient satisfaction.

You can easily find Praxis & Klinik in Böblingen, located in the building across from Mömax, next to the Mercaden shopping mall, and less than a 10-minute walk from the Böblingen S-Bahn station and Böblingen ZOB. Taking the S1 Herrenberg-Kirchheim, the S60 Renningen-Böblingen, or taking a bus to Böblingen ZOB will make it an easy trip!

For those patients that prefer to drive, we do have a limited number of spots in the parking garage under the building. Simply pull in and press the button for Praxis & Klinik and park in a spot marked “Klinik”.

*If German or English is not your first language, still contact us — we have many multi-lingual staff that speak other languages and we may be able to accommodate you 🙂

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