BEMER for Health & Wellness

BEMER is a unique rehabilitative and preventive treatment option that can benefit people of all ages. The unique support provided from BEMER treatment increases blood circulation in even the smallest blood vessels, ensuring a better supply of nutrient-rich blood reaches all tissues and organs in the body. BEMER is not just for those recovering from surgical procedures, however – many can benefit from regular BEMER treatment!

Sports & Recreations

Whether a weekend jogger or a professional athlete, BEMER can help boost physical performance, stamina, and ability by increasing blood circulation throughout the body. The increased and improved blood circulation gets more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and organs, making it easier to push the body to new heights. Recovery time needed after exercise is greatly reduced, as well.

The body becomes more efficient at managing temperature and energy, for greater stamina. This allows runners and athletes to push themselves for longer periods of time, while significantly reducing risk of injury. Muscles can improve for greater overall strength and condition, and the internal organs, muscles, and other tissues experience optimal functioning from the improved blood flow. After strenuous exercise, such as distance running or heavy weight-lifting, muscles are able to regenerate and recover faster with the help of BEMER treatments, making results more noticeable and rewarding the hard work.

Preventive Medicine & Overall Health

When blood flow is interrupted, as is often the case with many smaller vessels, the cells in the body that are normally fed and fueled by those vessels tend to age faster. This can sometimes contribute to disease or illness, and often contributes to feelings of fatigue, aching, soreness, and other sensations that slow and weigh the body down. Engaging in regular exercise can help over time, but the addition of BEMER treatments can maximize efforts, making regular exercise easier on the body and allowing the body to adapt faster and more efficiently.

Enhanced Treatment

Using BEMER to enhance medical and surgical treatments will promote natural healing and faster recovery. BEMER stimulates and enhances the smaller blood vessels in the body, improving circulation to tissues and organs throughout. This supports the body’s immune system and natural immune functions, making it easier to recover and heal at a faster, more efficient rate. This also reduces stress on the body, which can lead to illness during healing when the body is most vulnerable. BEMER treatments can optimize healing and reduce illness allowing the body to recover fully.

Improving Cognitive Function & Mental Focus

Another incredible benefit of using BEMER is the boost to cognitive function, which in turn optimizes mental focus and clarity. By increasing blood flow, the brain is supplied with greater nutrients and oxygen, and when paired with sufficient hydration from water, people can enjoy a clearer, more self-controlled and organized mind, enhanced mental focus, better performance at work, school, or in training, and a greater sense of well-being and calmness. This can be further enhanced through quality nutrition and exercise, making the body and mind the absolute healthiest it can possibly be!

Talk to Praxis & Klinik in Böblingen today about the benefits of BEMER treatment and how it can help you in all aspects of life!

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