At Praxis & Klinik, we offer a full range of Anesthesia options for every type of dental treatment. We understand that some patients prefer to sleep through routine dental care, or experience anxiety and desire help relaxing throughout routine care or other procedures. In addition to our skilled dentists and surgeons, we have a full Anesthesiology Team that provide the information and instructions to patients before and after Anesthesia, administer the medications, and monitor patients throughout their appointments.

Local anesthetics (i.e. Novacain) are typically used in conjunction with general anesthesia or sedation. This reduces the amount of heavier medications that patients receive but allows for a pain-free treatment experience. The high-tech monitoring equipment used by the anesthesiologist allows the doctors to see when more anesthetic is needed to ensure the patient is comfortable even when under general anesthesia.

Analgo-sedation is an alternative to general anesthesia. Instead of a sleep-like state, analgo-sedation simply relaxes you for the procedure. Some patients doze off occasionally while receiving analgo-sedation but they are easily woken. As with general anesthesia, the use of analgo-sedation makes the time go quickly.

General Anesthesia uses carefully measured and administered doses of medication to create a sleep-like state allowing you to essentially sleep through your procedure. Pain medication is simultaneously administered and all vital signs are monitored to ensure additional medication doses are administered when needed. Although this is a sleep-like state, it is different from sleep. Patients do not dream during general anesthesia but they do experience the sense that the time has passed very quickly.

General Anesthesia can also be administered to children when required or requested.

For more information about Anesthesia options for patients of all ages and for all dental and surgical treatments, contact Praxis & Klinik today! 

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