Deep Sedation

Patients can opt for Deep Sedation instead of General Anesthesia or just Local Anesthesia to make the treatment more comfortable. With sedation, the patient is very relaxed during the treatment but not completely asleep, as with General Anesthesia. Local Anesthesia (e.g. Novacain, Ultracain) is used to remove pain and discomfort, and the treatment goes very quickly.

The medications we use for Deep Sedation are well-tolerated and used worldwide (e.g. propofol, remifentanyl). The medications are administered by our Anesthesiology Team, led by Dr. Spitzer, and the patient is monitored throughout the entire procedure to ensure safety and comfort.

We DO NOT USE Valium-derivatives (benzodiazepines), such as Medazolam. These medications affect the patient’s memory and can take much longer to wear off than the medications we prefer to use. The cots of administering propofol and remifentanyl, as well as the costs of monitoring patients during use, are higher, but they are much more beneficial to our patients.

If you’re unsure which anesthesia option is right for you, Dr. Spitzer and his Team will discuss options and provide information in advance, allowing patients the chance to make an educated decision rather than feel rushed or anxious. For more information, details, or to schedule an appointment, contact our clinic today!


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