General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is offered at Praxis & Klinik with the support of a full anesthesiology team led by our chief Anesthetist, Dr. Spitzer. Before a procedure, an anesthetist meets with patients to provide information regarding anesthesia options. During this initial meeting, patients are given necessary information to prepare for the type of anesthesia chosen. With General Anesthesia, this typically includes when to stop eating and drinking prior to surgery, instructions regarding any medications the patient is currently on, the need for someone to drive the patient home after the appointment, and other essential information.

It is common for patients to have some anxiety or concerns about undergoing a procedure with General Anesthesia, including concerns about pain management and injections or intravenous (IV) catheter placement. Our anesthesiology team is fully equipped and experienced in working with all types of patients, of all ages, and will reassure the patient of this at every meeting. The overall experience is carefully planned to help keep patients as relaxed and comfortable as possible, making treatment easy and enjoyable for all involved.

Patient safety and comfort before, during, and after procedures are among our top priorities. We have top of the line treatment rooms, hospital-grade equipment, and highly trained, experienced, and caring staff on-hand and ready for every procedure. During General Anesthesia appointments, the patient is carefully monitored the entire time to ensure comfort and safety. We also use only short-acting well-tolerated medications that can be administered as needed throughout a procedure, and wear off relatively quickly once the patient is finished.

For more information on General Anesthesia and treatment options, contact our clinic today!

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