Treating Pain & Discomfort

Managing pain and discomfort is a top priority for all at Praxis & Klinik in Böblingen. As a core aspect of Anesthesiology, as well as other branches of medicine and dentistry, pain management is deeply integrated with treatment planning and treatment processes. There are different types of pain we work with on a regular basis. Acute pain may be a sudden occurrence while chronic pain has been ongoing for some time. There is also the natural pain response, which can be hyperactive or sensitive in some patients, making it difficult for them to sit through even the simplest of dental checkups.

When pain is acute, we can usually provide appointments on very short notice to get the patient seen as soon as possible. We can work to manage to pain and discomfort for more effective treatment and healing, the help the patient get back to normal quickly. We can use a local anesthetic, such as Novacain or Ultracain, to numb the nerves in the affected region and make it easier to examine and treat the patient’s pain. In more severe cases, we have options for Sedation and General Anesthesia, making sure the patient is as safe and comfortable as possible for the best treatment outcomes.

Sometimes the pain is more from anticipation of pain than an actual sensation of pain. This is common in patients with dental anxiety. The dental anxiety may stem from a bad experience with dentists in the past, or witnessing a scary experience even if only in a movie. Some people are just more sensitive to these things than others and we understand this. Our doctors have extensive experience working with all types of patients and they are prepared to employ a number of innovative techniques to enhance patient comfort throughout the treatment process including the use of hypnosis techniques and acupuncture.

Some of our newer patients express concern over the use of pain relievers in dentistry here in Germany. Germany is a very modern nation and dentistry, as a professional field, is also very modern. A surprising misconception is that German dentists don’t give pain medication. We want our patients to feel assured that we will and do use necessary pain medications including local anesthesia (Ultracain, like Novacain), and prescribed pain relievers for continued comfort after dental surgeries. Patients that opt for Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia can trust they will receive sufficient pain medications throughout their procedure, and they are monitored the entire time by our Anesthesiology Team to ensure additional pain medication is given as needed.

At Praxis & Klinik, we take our patients very seriously, and we provide the absolute best care available on an individualized basis. When you come to Praxis & Klinik for treatment, your case is handled with personalized attention, ensuring the treatment provided fits your needs with pleasing results.

For more information on pain management, dental and surgical procedures, and other services offered at Praxis & Klinik in Böblingen, contact our experienced Team today!

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