How to Find Us

There are lots of easy ways to get to our clinic!

By Bus/Train:

Praxis & Klinik is conveniently located in Böblingen, next to the NEW Mercaden shopping mall, within a short walking distance from the Böblingen ZOB bus stop and Böblingen train station. After debarking the bus or train and heading to the street, you can see Deutsche Post almost directly across from the stations. Cross the street and walk past Deutsche Post (with Deutsche Post on your right side) until you reach the first cross street and turn left, then walk to the end and turn left again.

At the end of the building on your right, turn right and head to the front of that building. The entrance to the building is located at the front, simply enter and press the button for Praxis & Klinik to be buzzed inside. Take the elevators to the 3rd floor and you’ve found us!

Using the VVS Mobil App:

If you’re not using the public transportation system or are unfamiliar with it, fear not! You can find the VVS Mobil App in both Apple and Android App Stores. With the App, you can search for the nearest bus stops and stations, the schedules, choose to search by arrival or departure times, and even purchase tickets at a slight discount. Even if your German isn’t great, the App is relatively easy to use and with little effort it makes it very easy to find your way around.


VVS Mobile (Android)          VVS Mobil (Apple)

To find the clinic using the VVS Mobil App, put your Start location in to find the nearest station and times specific for you, and in the Ziel box enter “Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee 25, Böblingen” then change the Abfahrt information to the date and time you need or leave as-is for the current date and time. If you are trying to reach the clinic by a specific time, press Abfahrt then change to Ankunft (at the top of the input page). Press Anfordern to submit the request and the options for transport will be listed in chronological order.

For starting locations that are a short walk from the nearest station or bus stop, there will be a little man and an estimated walk time listed – press on the start location beneath that time estimate and the App provides a map for your convenience.

By Car:

If driving, you will find the entrance to the garage located just after the entrance to the building on the front side. Simply pull in, press the button for Praxis & Klinik, and we will buzz you in. Please park in a parking space marked with our “Klinik” sign. Thank you!

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