Cosmetic Surgery

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons specialize in all forms of surgery involving the face and mouth. While many procedures are medically necessary or aim to improve overall function and comfort, there are also many cosmetic procedures our surgeons specialize in. This is also an essential aspect of their training to ensure that patients are pleased with results after major surgeries due to the fact that the appearance may change slightly depending on the surgical procedures.

Face lifts, rhinoplasty and related nose corrections (“nose jobs”), earlobe surgeries, general plastic (aesthetic) surgeries, and Botox treatments are among the cosmetic procedures offered through Praxis & Klinik’s highly trained surgical team. Mole removal, for aesthetic or medical precautionary reasons, is also a common procedure in our clinic.

It is important to understand that in many cases, these procedures are considered elective and not covered by insurance. We can perform a consultation and draw up an estimate for the costs of the desired procedures to discuss with patients on an individualized basis to keep patients well informed for decision-making and also to provide awareness of the affordability of elective procedures. Any procedures that can realistically be filed as a claim to insurance companies will be explained to the patient during an appointment.

Patients undergoing treatments and surgeries at Praxis & Klinik have the benefit of 24-hour access to surgeons for questions, concerns, and support.

For more information on cosmetic procedures, pricing, and time commitments for the process, contact Praxis & Klinik today!

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