Ear Correction

Cosmetic and/or corrective surgery of the ears is known as otoplasty. This type of procedure is done for a number of reasons, and for a wide range of patients at all ages. In cosmetic procedures, the ears may be uneven or stick out a bit too far, or have a bend or other issue that the patient wishes to improve. The procedures are relatively easy, sometimes involving the removal or adjusting of cartilage to reshape or enhance the ear for better facial symmetry and a more balanced appearance.

Ear surgeries are not often covered by insurance due to the majority of procedures serving a cosmetic, rather than corrective, purpose. Costs and budgeting options will be discussed during the consultation and treatment planning process to help patients make the best decisions for their needs and goals.

To learn more about ear surgery options that may be right for you, contact Praxis & Klinik to schedule a consultation today!

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