Rhinoplasty, also known as a “Nose Job,” is a cosmetic and/or corrective surgical procedure that aims to improve the shape, size, symmetry, or function of the nose. Many patients seek rhinoplasty to improve their appearance and self-confidence, while others have a medical need for rhinoplasty to improve their breathing or other function of the nose. The corrective procedures can also be necessary following an accident where the nose is broken or damaged. At Praxis & Klinik in Böblingen, our highly trained surgeons analyze each individual case create a customized surgery and treatment plan for every patient.

Considerations for Rhinoplasty

Improving one’s appearance is among the most common reasons patients seek rhinoplasty. How you view yourself plays a big role in how you present yourself. If you’re self-conscious about your nose, it’ll affect your behaviour and your attitude, undermining your confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes the issue is so small it really only bothers the patient, such as a minor bump across the top of the nose or the tip is a little longer than you’d like. Other times the issue is more prominent, such as a crooked or broken nose.

A reduction rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the nose is reduces in size. This is typically done to improve the balance and symmetry of the face in patients where the nose is a little too big. In contrast, an augmentation rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which part of the nose is made larger. Augmentations are generally less prominent than reductions but common in cases where the nose (or part of the nose) failed to fully grow to suit the patient’s facial dimensions.

Certain populations opt for a type of rhinoplasty commonly referred to as “ethnic rhinoplasty” where the nose is surgically altered to soften or enhance the shape, size, and appearance, changing the natural nose design that is typical of a given ethnic group. A patient may wish for a nose that is slightly small and more contoured than the one s/he was born with, for example.

Corrective Nose Surgery

In the event of trauma, such as an accident or other damage to the nose, the rhinoplasty is commonly referred to as post-traumatic rhinoplasty, and usually deemed medically necessary for the correction and repair of the nose. In similar cases, the damage may be minimal or occur naturally but cause significant breathing difficulties that require surgical correction. Patients with smaller internal nasal passages may benefit from widening of these passages, often done through the surgical moving of cartilage.

To learn more about rhinoplasty options that may be right for you, contact Praxis & Klinik to schedule a consultation today!

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