About Our Implants

CAMLOG Biotechnologies AG is a renowned dental implant and prosthetic technology company with proud history originating in Germany. Focusing on the idea that dental prosthetics do not have to conform to traditional concepts, CAMLOG enhanced and streamlined the implant process without sacrificing the personalized treatment approach for each patient. Building upon traditional dental implant technology, CAMLOG implants are designed to provide natural comfort and appearance that last.

Institut Straumann AG is a quality dental implant and biotechnology provider with a long history of trusted service originating in Switzerland and recognized worldwide. Straumann provides a number of dental implants we use at Praxis & Klinik, in both titanium and ceramic styles, as well as other innovative dentistry products. Straumann also provides a streamlined process without sacrificing the personalized treatment approach we value here at Praxis & Klinik.

Zeramex is another internationally recognized dental technology leader, providing metal-free ceramic implants in two styles. Although titanium is non-reactive and relatively hypoallergenic, some patients prefer the ceramic implants now that they’re widely available so we are pleased to offer options at Praxis & Klinik.

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