Surgical Procedures

At Praxis & Klinik, our team of experienced dentists and surgeons, along with a complete Anesthesiology Department, provide a wide range of surgical dentistry procedures, cosmetic procedures, and dental enhancements with local and/or general anesthesia, or deep sedation depending on the needs of the individual patient. We also provide surgical treatments and/or treatments requiring anesthesia for patient referrals, supporting the continued efforts of other local dentist offices and colleagues.

Traditional dental surgeries, such as root canal therapy, apicoectomy, wisdom teeth or other extractions, and dental implants are among the typical surgeries conducted at Praxis & Klinik on a regular basis. We also have a range of treatment options for periodontal disease, including surgical treatments that help us provide the best possible results for our patients. Our comprehensive clinic setting is divided into sections to provide standard dental exam and cleaning rooms as well as operating rooms and recovery areas, ready to accommodate our patients’ varied needs.

In addition to surgical procedures, anesthesia support, and other comprehensive specialist care, Praxis & Klinik offers treatment options to aid or enhance recovery for faster treatment healing and improved patient comfort. Treatment options range from support for dental anxiety to special cooling treatments in our clinic and at-home, and technologically enhanced healing support for better circulation and health.

Patients undergoing treatments and surgeries at Praxis & Klinik have the benefit of 24-hour access to surgeons for questions, concerns, and support.

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