An apicoectomy is also known as endodontic surgery and is one of the many procedures performed regularly at Praxis & Klinik. Although many root canal therapies are very successful, some patients have difficulty healing afterward and require additional treatment to fully protect the tooth. There are many reasons a patient may require an apicoectomy, but the goal of the procedure remains the same: provide a way to protect, preserve, and retain the natural teeth as long as possible while ensuring the patient is comfortable.

During an apicoectomy, the surgeon accesses the roots of the affected tooth through a small opening made in through the side of the alveolar bone. The gum tissue is opened slightly and the surgeon uses a special drilling instrument to access the roots of the tooth. The infected tissue is removed through the opening, and the surgeon also removes the tips of the roots. A microscope and surgical laser are used to aid the filling of the root openings with a biocompatible material designed to protect the site.

An apicoectomy can be performed under local anesthesia, deep sedation, or general anesthesia, but many patients simply have the procedure with local anesthesia. Follow-up appointments ensure everything heals properly and sutures are typically removed after a week.

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