The BEMER treatment option helps improve blood circulation for better healing throughout the body after a procedure. This unique, patented technology reduces the negative effects of stress, fatigue, and inefficient circulation and helps our patients heal naturally in a more efficient way.

Boost Natural Healing

BEMER has a unique ability to improve and even boost the body’s natural healing abilities. BEMER treatment increases blood flow to tissues and organs throughout the body by opening up and optimizing blood vessels, including the smallest vessels for enhanced microcirculation. This greatly improves blood flow to vital parts of the immune system, making the body better at healing itself. During everyday life this improvement to the immune system boosts resilience, protecting the body from colds and other common illnesses; after surgery or other procedure, this improvement to the immune system strengthens the body’s natural defenses and supports overall healing and recovery.

Lower Post-Op Medication Needs

By strengthening the immune system and optimizing the healing process, many patients are pleased to find they need significantly less, if any, post-op medications. Many patients still use anti-inflammatory medication as a precaution, to reduce inflammation internally, where it cannot easily be seen. Other patients find that the smallest amount of pain reliever is sufficient to manage any post-op discomfort when combined with BEMER treatment. Increasing water consumption, together with BEMER treatments, also has a detox effect, helping flush the body of waste and optimize internal functioning.

Recover Faster After Surgery

Patients who have undergone a surgical procedure may choose to add BEMER treatments to their recovery routine. The benefits include better blood circulation and microcirculation, bringing a healthier flow of vital nutrients and oxygen to all tissues and organs of the body, including those affected by the surgery. Patients can enjoy faster wound healing, improved sense of wellness and relaxation, renewed energy from the improved circulation, and more efficient healing overall.

Recover Faster After Exercise

BEMER is also beneficial to non-surgery patients. Athletes and enthusiasts alike enjoy the benefits of faster recovery, increased stamina, longer lasting endurance, and better overall performance in sports, exercise, and other physical activities. To learn more, check out BEMER for Health & Wellness.

Optimize Health & Wellness

The benefits experienced by those that choose BEMER are measurable. Increased blood flow to tissues and organs promotes healthier internal functioning, with the blood flow bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and removing toxins and waste through the natural circulation and filtration processes. Many patients have increased thirst with BEMER treatments, but in case there isn’t a noticeable increase, we recommend patients make sure they’re consuming sufficient water to aid the body and the BEMER treatments – after all, every cell in the body needs water for even the most basic functioning.

Using BEMER treatments as a preventive approach to health and wellness can improve immune system functioning, reducing the occurrence of colds and common illnesses. It can also improve a number of physiologically linked conditions such as stress-related aches and pains, fatigue, headaches, poor energy levels, and poor sleep. Through the balancing of the system and the optimized blood circulation, the body is better able to function on all levels.

To learn more about BEMER or to add BEMER treatment to your health, wellness, and/or recovery routine, contact Praxis & Klinik today!



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