Piezosurgery is a modern treatment approach that uses a specialized surgical device enhanced with ultrasonic waves for extremely precise surgeries. The enhanced precision allows our surgeons to place dental implants, even in patients whose jawbone crest is more narrow, and the device enhances the surgical outcomes of patients by greatly improving the surgeon’s ability to make very specific, and very small cuts only where needed.

Considered a microsurgical technique, the addition of an ultrasonic surgical instrument enables surgeons to selectively treat tissue while leaving significantly more of the surrounding tissue unaffected by the procedure. This dramatically reduces the size of post-surgical sites and sutures (stitches), preserves significantly more nerves and soft tissue in the surgical region, and sets the patient up for faster, more efficient healing. 

Through the use of Piezosurgery instruments, we are also able to retrieve very precise and very small pieces of bone from the patient’s jaw (in most cases) for use in bone repair and bone building when needed to enhance the success of dental implant surgery.


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