Pediatric Dentistry

Children require extra care when it comes to visiting the dentist, moreso when their is concern about a language barrier. Praxis & Klinik works with many children, providing dental care and specialty care in a relaxed, compassionate, understanding way that children and parents will appreciate.

In addition to regular dental procedures and care, Praxis & Klinik performs baby teeth extractions, crowns and “bottle mouth” treatment, preventive care, extraction of extra teeth, general anesthesia for children, custom space maintainers, and cooperative work with orthodontists and orthodontic treatments, among other dental and surgical care.

Dental anxiety in children can make visits for checkups and treatment a sturggle for children, parents, and dentists alike. Our skilled German and English-speaking dentists and staff help reduce anxiety and make the appointments faster and easier for all. We can also instruct children and parents on proper home-care for reducing cavities and problem areas, improving overall health, and making every checkup a reason to smile!

*If German or English is not your first language, still contact us — we have many multi-lingual staff that speak other languages and we may be able to accommodate you 🙂

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