PCSing to Germany? TRICARE Dental continue providing coverage for your OCONUS medical and dental care, and Praxis & Klinik is partnered with TRICARE Dental to provide American patients stationed in Germany with top quality dental care without the fuss!

TRICARE Dental covers all of the standard preventive care visits — two cleanings a year, fillings, X-rays every 3 years — as well as $1300 in annual coverage for extra treatment costs. We bill TRICARE Dental directly, making it easier for our TRICARE Dental patients to relax and enjoy the quality services we provide. TRICARE Dental coverage information is available from the TRICARE Dental websites, the TRICARE Dental office on the base, or in our office in Böblingen.

Our friendly dental assistants and hygienists offer the same dental care our American patients are accustomed to, in a welcoming clinic environment. Many of our providers and staff speak excellent English, and we work hard to accommodate our American patients so everyone is comfortable, well-informed, and satisfied with the care provided. All of our patient information documents have been translated and reviewed by native English speakers as well.

We understand moving overseas can be a challenge and visiting a local dentist in Germany can make patients anxious. Praxis & Klinik dentists and surgeons are experienced in working with children of all ages, patients of all abilities, and meeting the needs of a wide range of dentistry and surgery cases.

Contact the clinic today for more information or to arrange an appointment for individual patients or the whole family!

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