Filling German Prescriptions

Got a German prescription? 🙂

Don’t Panic! Here’s what you do…

German prescriptions are a bit different than the typical U.S. prescription and trying to have it filled on the base often leaves patients frustrated and a little stressed out. The easiest approach is to take the prescription to a local German pharmacy known as an Apotheke (pronounced like “ah-poh-TAY-keh”). These are everywhere so finding one is rarely a problem.

Filling your German Rx at a local German Apotheke is easier than you think!
Filling your German Rx at a local German Apotheke is easier than you think!

Most Tricare patients choose to fill their prescriptions at a local German Apotheke / Pharmacy and pay first then submit a claim through the Tricare Overseas website. Prescriptions under $100 can be filled without prior authorization and the claim form with proof of purchase can be submitted for reimbursement using the online system.

If the prescription is more expensive (typically over $100), patients have the option to receive prior authorization for the costs. The prescription would then be filled at a designated German Pharmacy, as instructed by Tricare at the time of pre-authorization.

When using a local German Pharmacy, you will be responsible for paying for the prescriptions upfront and submitting your own claims to Tricare for reimbursement. The claim submission process is relatively simple, and should not discourage patients from choosing to use local resources.

Retirees and Tricare Standard members will have to pay for their prescriptions upfront, as well. The claims forms are done online or can be given by the Tricare office on-post are then submitted with the receipt for the prescription to receive the reimbursed costs, minus the co-pay and deductible when appropriate.

Civilian and non-Tricare members with different insurance providers will be responsible for the upfront costs of prescriptions filled in German pharmacies. The receipts and necessary paperwork can be submitted to your insurance company with their unique claims forms for reimbursement.

Submitting Your Claim Online Through Tricare-Overseas


LOGIN with your personal login or register, if not already able to login

CLICK Send/View Secured Message” (found in the “Contact Customer Service” section)

CLICK New Message

CHOOSE Other” as the Message Subject

ENTER New Claim” as the Message Description

ENTER the details about your claim(s) in the fields provided when you entered “Other” as the subject

INCLUDE the following in the “Questions/Issues” field:

  • Provider’s Name
  • Total amount billed (total amount for the claim)
  • Dates of service
  • Any additional information you feel is necessary
  • SCAN & ATTACH your claim documents and bills (attachments must be less than 5MB each)

CLICK Send” to submit the claim


IF YOU PAY UPFRONT, you will need to keep the prescription with the prices marked in detail and the stamp from the pharmacy showing the prescription was received or an otherwise detailed receipt. This is necessary for insurance claims and you will likely be denied reimbursement without it.

Can a German Rx ever be filled at the base pharmacy?

Maybe! If you are seen by a local German network provider (doctor), they may offer the option to write the prescription in a standard way suitable for filling at the pharmacy on the base. This option is only available for network providers. The provider must be listed in the Tricare database. The following criteria detail the criteria for prescriptions that can be filled on-post:

  • Written in English
  • State the patient’s full name, D.O.B., and be a physician-written prescription
  • State the date of the prescription (the date it was written)
  • State the medicine along with strength/dosage and quantity to be dispensed
  • Provide English instructions for dosage
  • Signed by the German physician (must be legible)
  • Prescribed medication must be in the Military Formulary (the list of medications maintained in the military pharmacy)
  • The physician must also write the diagnosis or indication on all controlled substances prescribed or the Rx must be accompanied by the doctor’s notes from the appointment in which the Rx was written

NOTE that this is a voluntary option that is not up to the patient but at the discretion of the German medical provider. Regulations dictate the MTF providers CANNOT rewrite your German prescription if they did not see and treat the patient personally. Moreover, if your prescriptions does not meet the above criteria, the only way to have it filled is to use a local German pharmacy.

Additional Resources

Tricare Overseas <– You will need to login to submit a claim. If you do not have Tricare login information, you can register or contact the Tricare office on-post for assistance.

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